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Welcome to the Hall Institute of Public Policy – New Jersey. We are a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that explores issues of social, economic, educational and cultural importance to New Jersey. We believe there is a need and a value to fostering this type of debate and discussion because issues frequently develop here before they emerge on the national stage.

Whether it is how businesses adjust to changes in the economy, how the state approaches the problems of sprawl and congestion, or how society plans for a larger, older population, what happens in New Jersey today is likely to have an impact on our nation tomorrow.

Since its inception in 2005, the institute has emerged as a leading voice for public policy in New Jersey. More than 100 papers have been posted on our website, along with special features such as a
Property Tax Forum, an online Virtual Debate between New Jersey’s candidates for U.S. Senate, and the contents of our 295-page hardcover book The State of the Garden State.

The institute is dedicated to fostering solutions to our state’s challenges and problems. Our mission is to serve as a leading forum for academic research, creative ideas and constructive debate on statewide issues. We are committed to improving the overall understanding of the issues that impact our daily lives by encouraging dialogue from diverse perspectives, including scholars of public policy, government officials and other citizens of our state.

The Hall Institute takes a pragmatic approach to public policy that bridges the gap between scholarship and practical application. We conduct and support scholarly research; present forums, symposiums and conferences; publish white papers and op-ed articles; collaborate with other institutions and foundations, and operate an interactive website that will set us apart from other public policy groups. The Institute also plans to publish a book about New Jersey’s future, tentatively titled New Jersey 2020.

Our goal is to present different viewpoints and offer thoughtful analyses of the issues. We believe the solutions to the problems confronting our state can best be solved through collective wisdom – from the halls of academia, from corporate executives and small business owners, and from the many people who call New Jersey home. Through this collective wisdom, we can generate ideas and solutions that can be put into practice by members of both sides of the aisle in Trenton.


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