Has the Governor Gone Too Far?

by Michael M. Shapiro

For the past decade, New Jersey ‘s Governors have slowly but steadily politicized the State’s system of higher education, from appointing “cronies” to serve on the Board of UMDNJ to “finding” jobs in New Jersey Higher Education for fellow politicians. Governor Corzine’s intervention in the union organizing drive underway at Rutgers is as troubling. For the State’s chief executive to get so intricately involved in the day-to-day management of the State University is quite unusual in and of itself, but for the Governor to actively promote this unionizing effort and go so far as to join the union’s organizing rally is unacceptable. By exerting political pressure and influence on the President of Rutgers University, Richard McCormick, the Governor has also secured a “neutrality” agreement that prohibits the University from taking a position on the possible unionization and allows employees to promote unionization during work hours. Has the Governor gone too far?

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