Taxing in Fanwood

by Daniel Strachman

“Taxation without representation is tyranny”, James Otis – 1765 – Boston.[1]

It is as if we have been pushed back in time.

Recently, the Mayor and Borough Council of Fanwood have been pushing for a new ordinance that would require all businesses to register with the borough clerk. The ordinance, scheduled for a March 13 a council vote, carries with it a $25.00 fee. For this fee, the business gets a certificate that it is registered with the town. What do the borough and its residents get? Apparently nothing. The ordinance, specifically states that registering means absolutely nothing and the mayor, borough council and town do not endorse, support or recommend the business to anyone. If this is not taxation without representation, I do not know what is.
[1] Daniel A. Smith , Tax Crusaders and the Politics of Direct Democracy (1998), 21-23


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