By Michael M. Shapiro

Craig Carton and Ray Rossi, The Jersey Guys from New Jersey 101.5 FM, have launched the Coalition Against Corrupt Politicians (CACP), an anonymous system by which residents of New Jersey can report politicians they believe are engaging in corruption including pension padding and cronyism. The Jersey Guys then investigate the allegations, file Open Public Records Act requests to learn more, and pass on both the allegations of corruption and any evidence they gather to Chris Christie, the United States Attorney for the State of New Jersey. Prominent legislators from both political parties have joined CACP including Senator John Adler (D) and Senator Joe Vitale (D), as well as Tom Kean, Jr. (R) and former Gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester (R). While CACP is a worthy idea that can provide benefits to the residents of New Jersey, the Jersey Guys are not the most credible or most appropriate individuals to carry the banner to rid our State of political corruption.


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