No One Criticizes Thompson’s Message of Policy


Critics and skeptics have come out with various comments against Fred Thompson. People reference poll numbers, his campaign strategy or production, and question his drive or desire. There are comments about all things political, and that is the misplaced emphasis in this presidential campaign ….. concentration on “form” or “politics.”

While those following the presidential race want to follow the “politics” of things, and watch the “horse race,” they overlook the most important factor that should be the basis for supporting a candidate, and that which will be the most important reason for a victory in the general election, the candidate’s “substance,” or “policy” and record.

The form over substance mentality is exactly what allows the deterioration of, and movement away from, conservatism. Conservatives believe a conservative message will defeat any Democrat; if they did not believe that they would not be looking for the most conservative candidate and the candidates would not be trying to claim that title. Therefore, substance should trump form; “policy” should win over “politics,” and the latter will ultimately follow the former.

But, by focusing on “politics,” and overlooking “policy,” people are looking past the shining star staring them in the face; they are so worried about losing to Democrats they are failing to see the one candidate that can prevent that fear from becoming a reality.

The focus should be on each candidate’s conservative policy proposals; this requires a candidate to put forth the particulars of their plans. In addition, people should be looking at each candidate’s record; anyone can say they are or will be a conservative, but almost all are unable to point to a record to substantiate their claims. Without the record any promises are mere rhetoric.

Mere vague rhetoric can be made by anyone, and it affords the speaker the ability to move away from conservatism if they perceive such a move will be politically beneficial; this is tantamount to giving precedence to “form,” and allowing such is a large reason for the infusion of liberalism into the Republican party. A conservative record, however, confirms and validates stated intentions.

Moreover, some candidates lack both plans and record; voters should be most skeptical about those candidates.

At some point skeptics and critics will see they are criticizing the candidate who can take back the Republican party and is best suited to prevent Democrats from winning in November. They will see the light in front of their eyes and it is Fred Thompson.

Watching Thompson in yesterday’s debate, as well as the CNN debate, should minimize criticisms, and should lead people to focus on that which is more important than “politics,” and focus on that which any presidential race should revolve around … “policy.” He – and the reaction to his performances – shows that policy will result in winning politics.
The one thing no one criticizes is Thompson’s consistent conservatism, and for the reasons expressed above, and below, he is the best candidate for conservatives and the Republican party.

He has a solid conservative record, policy positions, and detailed position papers with policy proposals, consistent with one who stands on conservative credentials and expresses a conservative message. This is particularly the case – unlike the other front runners – on what will be the top issue in next year’s election, illegal immigration.

Thompson is showing his ability to clearly and confidently express his conservative positions and the policy proposals – with specific plans – to move America forward in accordance with conservative solutions. His policy proposals – and ability to express them in the last 2 debates – show why he is the best candidate in this race to face any Democrat challenger.
In the debates the Senator did not come across as a lazy candidate who has no drive or desire to be president, nor one with a lackluster campaign. Rather, his performances have shown exactly the opposite. And he has shown the personality, affability, and quick wit – in a statesman like manner – the public desires in their candidate.

He came across as a principled leader, would not allow others to set their agenda, and was strong in explaining his positions. His rebuke of the attempt to demean presidential candidates by asking for a “show of hands” was an example, and that move on his part earned the respect and support of millions around the country. He will take this momentum and show the critics wrong.

The race for president is more than a beauty pageant; beauty is only skin deep, but conservatism must go to the heart. The candidate with the consistent conservative record, with the particular future plans, the one that can express that message, is the one that has that depth. When focus is placed on the message – and the record to show it is not mere rhetoric to get elected – support will inevitable go to Thompson.

While the other candidates spend their time defending or explaining their liberal records and history, or arguing amongst themselves about each other’s religion or liberal background, Thompson continues to strengthen and hone his ability to clearly express his consistent conservative record and the detailed conservative solutions he has put forth to guide our future.
The others knock one another down, but Thompson plods along; he is the tortoise that will win the race against the many hares.

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