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The Governor Must Serve a Second Term!


Jon Corzine needs to serve a second term in order to succeed in his quest to save New Jersey from a series of crises!

The Governor has made the most serious attempt at securing a fiscally responsible government for New Jersey, replete with ethical practices, than any State Governor in recent memory. He inherited unprecedented State debt, brought on by previous irresponsible spending by both Republicans and Democrats, and the “taint” of corruption, well publicized by the media. Certainly, no previous Governor began service encumbered by so many challenges brought on by others.

A return to responsible government will not be easy, and will not be achieved with one term. The Governor’s solutions will require a reasonable amount of time in order to be successful. A second term is not only necessary; it is imperative.

The challenges that face Governor Corzine are mid-boggling: School Construction, property taxes, achieving a robust State economy, investing in infrastructure, maintaining reasonable public pension plans, paying off an unprecedented debt, etc., etc. These are problems and failures that were made by Corzine’s predecessors, who have neglected to accept responsibility for them.

Beyond question, Jon Corzine took office with challenges greater than those that were faced by any previous Governor in our State’s recent history. Certainly, he cannot solve them alone. He needs a responsible State Legislature that is willing to serve New Jersey by prioritizing public service over their political careers.

As someone who was successful in the private sector, the Governor realizes that a robust economy will be a key to success for all New Jerseyans. He will continue to support private enterprise, but he must be an eager listener to the needs of New Jersyans. Similarly, all New Jersyans must be prepared to make sacrifices in order to solve the State’s fiscal woes.

Next year’s budget may require two billion dollars in cuts. Neither political party can claim that they are free of responsibility for getting us into this financial mess. However, Corzine was still serving in the private sector when the problem was created. In order to solve these problems, we need to unite behind the Governor. Continued pursuit of special interests at this time will only dig a deeper hole that New Jersey may never climb out of.

The Governor cannot create an agenda “with a blank check (that) could result in the ouster of ten to twenty-five percent of the Legislature”, as has been suggested. Such a scenario is simply not a reality in New Jersey. Jon Corzine must work with entrenched public officials from both parties in order to be successful. He cannot create a new political system. The governor must work within the existing system, however imperfect it may be. Obviously, some members of the Legislature and county and local governments will resist him. In many cases, the selfishness of those public officials created many of New Jersey’s existing problems. Success will depend on Corzine’s ability to work with these people and influence their behavior. A second term is required in order to achieve that goal. Only a very skillful executive will be able to be successful, despite this problem.

There is no question; New Jersey’s survival is dependent upon Jon Corzine serving a second term as the Governor of New Jersey.


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