The Holocaust Deniers


The most recent Vatican fiasco involved the readmission into the Roman Catholic Church of a schismatic group that opposes the reforms of Vatican II and has in its ranks Holocaust deniers, including an English priest made by that sect into a bishop. Remarkably the pope accepted them back into the fold, and apparently his staff did not really check the background of those people. It is a fascinating case study of how badly communications can be handled even by an ancient and experienced institution–the Curia or the bureaucracy of the Holy See. The pope has thus managed to draw the ire of both the Jews and the Muslims by his inept actions over the years, a rather rare confluence. Even the German bishops were infuriated by this German pope’s unilateral action and the insult it posed to Jewish-Catholic relationships. To them the Holocaust is a continuing living reality, and it is actually illegal in that nation to say the event did not occur.

There are of course historians who have denied the Holocaust. Generally they are simply regarded as cranks. But still this view persists, doing violence to our sense of history and decency. When the Allies came into the death campus and liberated the few survivors, General Dwight Eisenhower had his troops go into the camps and see for themselves what had happened. He said he never wanted to hear anyone say it never happened. Even his hardened veteran warrior, General George Patton, went in and was so upset he vomited in corner. Recently when I visited Auschwitz, I too was shocked by what I saw: the jails, the ovens, the children’s shoes, the court yard where people were lined up and systematically murdered. There on the other side was the cell of Father Kolbe who gave up his life to spare a father. Pope John Paul II called it “a modern Golgotha.”

What keeps these deniers in business is a mystery. Perhaps they cannot secretly deal with such monstrosities. Perhaps they are just anti Semites. Perhaps they just like to be contrary, for history gives them no credence. A while ago, I received from a reader, Dr. Sal Pizzuro, some photos taken by his uncle who fought in World War II and was at the liberation of the camps. Look at them, they are witnesses to the truth.

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