New Jersey’s New Core Curriculum, An Interview With Education Commissioner Lucille Davy

June 25, 2009: New Jersey’s Education Commissioner Lucille Davy talks about the development of a new core curriculum for New Jersey schools and how a new set of standards may change the way New Jerseyans see education in the future.

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Jeff Boss on Gubernatorial Election Day

June 02, 2009: Jeff Boss talks about his impressions of the gubernatorial race and his new book on the day of the primary elections.

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Holy Places: Obama Looks to the Middle East

May 30, 2009: Will President Obama be succsessful in his attempt to broker peace in the Middle East? Will his power of persuasion be enough to match the power of history?

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Angels and Demons

May 26, 2009: Michael P. Riccards discuses the new film Angels and Demons starring Tom Hanks. What are the origins of the ideas expressed in the film?

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The First 100 Days and The Better Angels of Our Nature

May 01, 2009: How should we look at Barack Obama’s first 100 days and how does that benchmark shape the way we look at the current administration?

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Paying Our Taxes

April 20, 2009: How much would you pay for the receipt of government programs and services? Does it depend on who you are?

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A Less Relevant Church

April 13, 2009: The leadership of the Catholic church can have a large effect on public policy everywhere. What kind of effect will the new pope Benedict XVI have? A papal scholar suggests that the new pope’s tenure may not be one of popular understanding and might also be compared to the American presidency of Ronald Regan.

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Putting an End to Earmarks 101.5 Spot

Linda Stamato, a faculty member from the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy suggests that earmarking cannot be fixed. It must go. Is it so hard to imagine a world without earmarks? Read report>

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Covering the Death of The Middle Class

April 3, 2009: Michael Riccards talks about the dramatic staging of the death of the middle class last week at the statehouse hosted by 101.5. Was this just a 101.5 advertising gimmick or is 101.5 conscientiously engaged with the formation of public policy?

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Wall Street Under the Constitution

March 26, 2009: Article I, section 9, clause 3 of the United States Constitution prohibits the passage of judgment on a group of people without trial. Given the public outrage and the recent measures undertaken to hold Wall Street accountable, are the people and the constitution now at odds?

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Publicity and Privacy

March 25, 2009: Jarrett Chapin interviews Richard Lee about how privacy is endangered by publicity and new media sources. Is technology endangering our privacy or our modesty?

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On The Politics of Budgeting

March 17, 2009: Jarrett Chapin interviews Richard Lee about New Jersey’ s budget and how that affects, and is affected by, the upcoming gubernatorial election.

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The Purity of The Game

March 6, 2009: Michael P. Riccrards on baseball, heros, and the function of the beginning of spring training. He asks, what is the effect that steroids have had on the game?

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About: New Jersey After 3

February 25, 2009: Deputy Director of Communications Jarrett E. Chapin talks to Mark Valli, CEO of New Jersey After 3 about the goals of after school education and about who is funding it.

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